A little more about the “Love Shoot” and why it's so worthwhile....you are encouraged to bring dogs .....(your own obviously not just random dogs)!

The pre-wedding photo session or “Love Shoot” is a fun way for us to build a rapport before the big day and to help you feel more at ease with being photographed on your wedding day. Seeing the results of the pre-wedding session will help you feel confident that you will both look fantastic in the wedding photos.

The session also helps me to get to know you… what works for you, how affectionate you are with each other, whether you are laid back or outgoing… and what’s the best angle to shoot you from in order to make you look totally banging. I don't bring the crazy in a bag with me, but if it's in there, I'll help you find it.....!


This session takes place on location at a place that is special to you* or at the wedding venue itself so that we can walk around and discuss your day. Most couples dress casually for the session but hey… if you want to wear a gown in the middle of a field or a tux by the canal, then why not … I am open to ideas!

We can capture your “Love Shoot” at the weekend or, during the lighter months a “Love Shoot” in the evening, with the setting sun can be fabulous!


All the images from your shoot are included in the wedding package at no extra cost and supplied as high resolution jpeg images for you to print.  They could be used for your “Save The Date” cards or framed and displayed at the wedding so that guests can sign (or simply admire!) your gorgeous “Love Shoot” photos.

Mya xXx

07561 15 00 34 / [email protected]

*location to be mutually agreeable