To Pre-Wed or Not to Pre-Wed ? A post about the benefits of a Pre-Wedding Photo Session

March 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Like lots of other lovely wedding photographers, I include a pre-wedding "Love Shoot" in my wedding packages. I love doing them.

Recently, I've had a few couples asking if they can NOT have the pre-wedding session. Mostly it's due to one or both of them being camera-shy (just like me)!! Oddly I tell these couples that they are the ones that need it the most.

Here's why....So initially we chatted loads via e-mail, text or Facebook while we made sure I was available for your wedding date and I found out a little more about your big day. Then we fixed up a date to meet, face to face. I probably came to your home, but you may have visited at mine for tea and Lemon Drizzle cake; however this was most likely to be before I adopted my mental dog who likes to dominate all visitors to the home, demanding to be fussed relentlessly! He did actually try to shag a Bride to Be's Ugg boot under the kitchen table once when she ignored him for too long!!

We met up and chatted about your wedding day plans; and I got a really good understanding of you both and your hopes and expectations for the day. I really love this bit of the process by the way and usually get carried away asking all sorts of questions and getting totally invested in the whole thing (you should feel totally comfortable with asking me to leave after an hour or I could be there all evening)! There is no hard sell, assumed close or any other tricky sales techniques. If you want to book me you will, if you don't who cares,  we are friends now and I will never blank you if I see you doing the big shop in Sainsbury's.

For those that do book me (I love you all, thank you) we could have to wait some serious months before its your wedding day, so I want to keep in touch, be in your wedding loop, stay up to speed as your plans evolve (oh my God I'm just as needy as my bloody dog) and, here's the thing, the Pre-Wed is a fab way of doing this!! So you can see where I'm going with this now, right?

The pre-wed “Love Shoot” is a FUN way for us to build even more of a rapport before the big day. It'll help you feel more at ease with being photographed on your wedding day and .... I've missed you guys!!!!

The session is all about you…what works for you, how affectionate you are with each other, how relaxed you are, whether you are laid back or more formal in character. Do you want to dress up, dress down, I'm cool with that. Do you want to bring the kids, the dogs, the horse, your cat on a lead ......I'm cool with that too.

You get the gist, we take it slow, (I hide in the bluebells, you wont even know I'm there) we do what makes you happy and relaxed because this is what will come across in the images.

Then, on your wedding day, having your picture taken will be a piece of ....cake, Lemon Drizzle cake...mmmmm!

All the images from your pre-wedding session are included, you could use them for your save the date, make some wall art, feature them in your wedding album or show them at your reception. Have I convinced you yet?

Mya xXx {Moment Junkie}


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