Team Sparkle Wedding. Darren and Catherine get married at Haworth

January 17, 2017

Darren and Catherine aka #teamsparkle, got married just before Christmas, the most sparkly time of the year! They would have loved a sprinkling of snow over the cobbles of Haworth Main Street, unfortunately they got an absolute downpour instead. The rain however, could not dampen their wedding day sparkle or their very obvious love for one another.

Catherine's pre-wedding preparations took place at the home she shares with Darren.The walls of their home are hung with lots and lots of positive life-affirming statements along with just a few pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

Both of Catherine's Dad's were there to witness their daughter descending the stairs in her beautiful Ava Hamilton gown and gold Jimmy Choos. She was then escorted to the waiting Herbie VW Beetle for the short drive to the Church. The girls followed in a vintage VW camper. There was a short wait on the cobbles while brollies where assembled over the bride to protect her from the elements; and still she kept smiling. This short wait also allowed for the forgotten wedding rings to be retrieved from Darren's Mum's home, where they had been left behind by the boys in the rush to the church!

Haworth church had been beautifully dressed by Suzanne Oddy Designs Ltd and lots of festive white candles flickered as the ceremony took place. There was a very sweet reading by Phoebe, Olivia and Tilly. Then Catherine's very talented daughter Caty, sung a beautiful rendition of "The Power of Love" accompanied only by her acoustic guitar. As the wedding party signed the register, the guests were entertained by Grandad Jack.

The rain was still lashing down as everyone made there way out of the church and onto the cobbles for transport to The Three Acres for the reception. The venue looked lovely; it's original oak beams festooned with fairy lights!!!!  After a delicious wedding breakfast and the most hilarious Best Man's speech there was dancing to the excellent live band, The Cover Up.