Michael & Jade a wedding at East Morton

May 30, 2018

All weddings are different, but all weddings are equal. Two people declaring their love, in front of those who mean the most to them. 

I will never take that for granted.

I've been invited into this family before, to capture the wedding of Bonnie and Guy. This time it was Bonnie's brother, Michael's turn. I was delighted to be asked back again for Michael and Jade's wedding day. Jade wore a dress that her Mother in Law, Maria, had intended to ware at her own wedding some years previously. Maria was diagnosed with cancer before her own wedding day and plans had to be changed. Maria made a full recovery, she's a fighter, but I love how these details intertwine. 

Moments are fleeting, especially on your wedding day, they deserve to be documented for the future. Like that time that Nanna, wedding-ready in her fascinator, had to whip up a cake for her little grandson on the morning of the wedding. Kino has food allergies and needed a "safe" cake so Nanna baked a cake. Grandad in the meantime, got the vacuum out to suck up the spilled confetti. I love telling these stories with my captures.

Perhaps there weren't as many guests as expected at the church and absent family members were deeply missed, but vows were sincerely made and that's what matters.