Chris & Lobke a pre wedding Love Shoot in Leeds

September 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Every one loves a back-story right? Especially one with a happy ending. This is how I got to meet Lobke.

Sometimes things happen in your life that are too terrible to fully comprehend at the time. With help you weather the storm and come out of it the other side. Eventually you discover that although your life is now very different, it is indeed richer and fuller than it was before. You realise that this is because of the people you met on your journey; the wonderful, compassionate people who got you through the hardest times. These people are what my daughter and me call "Earth Angels"; and Lobke is one of them.

Lobke works as a play specialist, caring for children who are undergoing treatment for cancer. She has three amazing daughters, Skye, Lola and Maisie. Her fiance, Chris, works away a lot; so spending time together as a family is special ..... and I was delighted to be there to capture it for them as part of their pre-wedding "Love Shoot". 

Lobke and Chris get married next month at Weetwood Hall in Leeds. I am so looking forward to documenting this very special wedding day.









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